Please fill in the form below to request your FREE, no-obligation showroom design visit. Covid has changed the world. It has also changed the way we operate. So that we can keep our customers and staff as safe as possible we are now asking our customers to do a bit of work for us.

We ask that you provide a few basic measurements for us (width, height, depth etc) and take a few photographs of the room on your phone.

If you send us that information via the ‘Contact Us‘ page, we can generate design images and advise a budget price by return. Better still, make an appointment to visit our showroom, and bring the information with you!

Our one-to-one showroom consultations are straightforward and focus entirely on your requirements so that we can design furniture that fits your specifications and meets your every need.

Our friendly staff will provide a room design, help you choose a product range, interior, finish and handles. Once you have made your choices, they will provide an accurate quotation. If you accept the quotation and place an order, then we will arrange to carry out an in-depth room survey, to ensure that everything will fit perfectly.


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